We extracting and recovering natural compounds for plants    


Multi Dimensions

Our Vision - Changing the World, One Lab at a Time

Few people stop to think about the influential role that laboratories play in modern lives. And yet few human activities are not in some way connected to what goes on inside labs. Labs can determine the success or failure of a product, the cleanliness of the water we drink, the safety of the food we eat and the treatment needed to cure a disease.

As important the work are, valid results can only be generated by laboratories which demonstrating competently set of skills and uncompromising pursuit for the truth.  Standardization is the tool for labs to promote confidence in their work and to generate acceptance of results by regulation bodies and industry.   


We understand the magnitude and importance of the work done in labs and it is our mission to help ensure that this work is done to the very best of human capability.

recently we decided to release our product for  

Our Vision - Harness natural compounds for improving peoples' health


BE founders were created in a traditional culture which genuinely believes that plants have the power to heal modern diseases.

In recent years, brilliant scientists undoubtedly discovered and isolated therapeutic molecules which were hidden in those plants.

In some remarkable resemblance to cultural driven phytomedicines, cannabis treatments efficiency hasn’t been determined yet. However, increasing empirical evidence for therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant is on the rise.

To solve complex health issues that our generation is facing, 

we exploring nature to find solutions.